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The 💢 anger symbol emoji is a red, exclamation point-shaped symbol with an orange vertical line in the middle. It is often used to express anger, frustration, or annoyance. The combination of the red and orange colors can suggest a sense of danger or intensity.

Here are five examples of how you might use the 💢 anger symbol emoji in your text messages or social media posts:

  1. 💢 Expressing anger or frustration about a situation or problem: “I am so angry right now 💢”
  2. 💢 Showing annoyance or irritation with someone or something: “I can’t believe he did that again 💢”
  3. 💢 Conveying a sense of urgency or importance in a message: “We need to fix this ASAP 💢”
  4. 💢 Adding emphasis or intensity to a statement: “I am not kidding around 💢”
  5. 💢 Using the emoji as a playful way to exaggerate or express mock anger: “I can’t believe I have to do the dishes again 💢”

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Anger Symbol Emoji Copy Paste 💢

Skull and Crossbones


Face Exhaling


Frowning Face with Open Mouth


Kissing Face with Smiling Eyes


Grimacing Face


Melting Face


Face with Rolling Eyes


Right Anger Bubble

Smileys & Emotion

Hugging Face


Grinning Face

Frowning Face


Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes


Sad But Relieved Face


Weary Cat


Shushing Face


Brown Heart


Orange Heart


Face With Diagonal Mouth


Face with Thermometer


Right Anger Bubble

Smileys & Emotion