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The 🖤 black heart emoji is a depiction of a heart symbol in solid black. It is often used to convey a sense of darkness, mystery, or edginess, or to show that someone is feeling indifferent or unemotional. The emoji may also be used to show support for something or someone, or to express a deep or enduring love.

Here are some examples of how you might use the 🖤 black heart emoji:

  1. “I’m feeling really indifferent right now. 🖤”
  2. “I’m a big fan of this band. 🖤”
  3. “I love you with all my heart. 🖤”
  4. “This movie has a really dark, edgy vibe. 🖤”
  5. “I’m feeling really mysterious right now. 🖤”

To find the 🖤 black heart emoji, you can try searching for phrases like “black heart emoji,” “dark heart emoji,” or “mystery emoji.” You can also use the Unicode code point for the emoji: U+1F5A4. If you are using a device or platform that does not support emojis, you may see a square or other placeholder symbol in place of the emoji.

Black Heart Emoji Copy Paste 🖤

Slightly Frowning Face


Money-Mouth Face


Face with Tears of Joy


Partying Face


Yawning Face


Thinking Face

Frowning Face


White Heart

Smileys & Emotion

Smiling Cat with Heart-Eyes


Brown Heart


Light Blue Heart


Growing Heart




Saluting Face


Face with Monocle


Face Holding Back Tears


Eye In Speech Bubble


Hugging Face


Revolving Hearts


Zany Face

Smileys & Emotion