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The 💚 green heart emoji is a picture of a green heart. This emoji is often used to represent love, affection, or positive feelings in general.

Here are five examples of how the 💚 green heart emoji could be used:

  1. When someone wants to express their love or affection for someone else, they might use the 💚 emoji. For example, “I love you 💚”
  2. If someone is feeling positive or happy about something, they might use the 💚 emoji to show their feelings. For example, “I’m so excited for the weekend 💚”
  3. When someone is expressing appreciation or admiration for something or someone, they might use the 💚 emoji to show their positive feelings. For example, “I love your new haircut 💚”
  4. The 💚 emoji can also be used to show support or encouragement. For example, “I’m rooting for you 💚”
  5. If someone is feeling grateful or thankful, they might use the 💚 emoji to show their appreciation. For example, “I’m so grateful for your help 💚”

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Green Heart Emoji Copy Paste 💚

Mending Heart


Relieved Face


Face in Clouds


Face Savoring Food


Sweat Droplets


Squinting Face with Tongue


Grinning Face with Big Eyes



Smileys & Emotion

Unamused Face


Beating Heart


Heart on Fire


Slightly Frowning Face


Pouting Face


Kissing Face with Closed Eyes


Confused Face


Grinning Squinting Face


Face without Mouth


Grey Heart


Partying Face


Angry Face

Smileys & Emotion